Solar Provider Group Selected as One of Canada’s Top Growing Companies.

Vivian Lam

Solar Provider Group (SPG) has been selected as one of the Globe and Mail’s 2020 Canada’s Top Growing Companies in their Report on Business. Companies on this list had an average revenue growth of 614%. During a time of uncertainty, Solar Provider Group has managed to adapt to the changes brought on by Covid-19, while innovating our approach to developing solar energy projects.

Canadian companies are on the global stage, and we are proud to be part of a group of innovators that are motivated to succeed under any circumstance. “The whole team is very proud to represent Canada on a global stage, and drive for a better and cleaner future” says Christian Wentzel, SPG’s chairman.

Solar Provider Group is poised to develop significant projects throughout various states in the United States, as well as Germany, the Netherlands, and Brazil. By maintaining an agile approach to solar development, SPG is able to enter markets quickly and effectively, and bring renewable energy to more communities around the world. We are also innovating our solar developments to better incorporate the natural landscape and local community, creating positive ecological and economical value for the local community.

With the impacts of climate change rising, the need for clean, renewable energy has hit an all time high. “(We are) Extremely pleased to continue growing the company within this very important industry and working towards our goal to deliver confidence in our solar projects to all our stakeholders, every day” says Sebastian Seyfarth, CEO of SPG. As the world changes, SPG will continue to change along with it, bringing new advancements to the industry and clean energy to all.