About Solar Provider Group
Solar Provider Group is a global leader in delivering and developing fully integrated solar projects. With an impressive track record of 10+ years and successful projects all around the world. We partner with local communities, landowners, building owners and utilities to seamlessly provide access to clean energy at competitive prices. We specialize in the development, financing, engineering, construction, as well as the operation and maintenance of commercial and utility-scale solar installations.
What sets us apart

Our Experience

Our company’s 10+ years of experience in solar spans multiple continents, making us a global leader with unrivalled expertise. We’ve completed hundreds of solar projects globally, representing more than 100 MW of installed capacity.

Our Global Presence

We are present in 10+ countries spanning across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Our Collaborative Approach

We excel at solar from start to finish. Providing you with one consistent point of contact, we manage every aspect of your project seamlessly ensuring timely delivery and the highest quality. We also ensure that our contracts feel more like partnerships than leases.

Our Technology & Expertise

We use the best technology available, and ensure that lands are left in pristine condition after the lease agreement has ended.
Our Core values


We are in this together.


We always follow through.


We communicate proactively and effectively with each other.


We take initiative and are accountable for our company


We are doing the right things the right way.


We love doing what we do.