Calvary Church

Peterborough, Ontario

Calvary Church and Métis Nation of Ontario – BrightRoof Solar LLC have partnered with Solar Provider Group to install a 190 kW solar project on the roof of the Petecostal parish building in Peterborough, Ontario. The 190 kW system will deliver more than 265 megawatt hours of clean electricity to the Ontario power grid, which is enough to power over 26 homes. This project will reduce the emissions footprint of Ontario’s electricity system by approximately 50 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.
In order to maximize output, the solar power system is entirely located on the south-facing portions of the church roof. Given the varying roof angles and sections, special attention was taken to the design of the system. By combining different solar modules and racking systems, SPG’s engineers were able to design a system that suits the unique features of the building. The solar plant is fitted with components manufactured in Ontario. The solar modules were assembled in Guelph by Canadian Solar Solutions, the DC to AC inverters were assembled in London by KACO new energy, and the EkonoRack and SeamRack mounting systems were designed and manufactured in Toronto by KB Racking.