Going solar in Maine has never been easier. Subscribe to a community solar farm and save money on your electricity bills. Community solar provides clean, renewable energy to homeowners, renters and businesses in Maine without having to install a solar panel system on your roof or property.

How does community solar work?


Solar Provider Group is developing and operating several community solar projects in the State of Maine. These solar facilities generate clean, renewable energy that is distributed into the local electricity grid. Through the Net Energy Billing Program, when you subscribe to a community solar project, you will receive credits towards your electricity bills resulting in financial savings. Solar Provider Group will determine the optimal amount of your electricity usage to offset with solar energy to garner the largest amount of savings for your home or business.

Solar energy is quickly becoming the most sustainable and cost-effective source of power to communities. By subscribing to a community solar project, you are helping the environment while saving money. This is a unique win-win opportunity, and we are excited to be an accredited developer recognized by the Maine Public Utilities Commission that will provide clean, renewable power to the citizens of Maine.

Community solar in Maine

In 2019, The government of Maine passed legislation to encourage the development of solar facilities along with other small renewable energy facilities across the Vacation State. The legislation signed into law by Governor Janet Mills will help the state achieve its ambitious goals of 80% renewable energy by 2030, and 100% renewable energy by 2050. Governor Mills has also plans to reduce emissions by 80% by 2050. 

The bills signed into law will increase the amount of renewable energy generated in Maine, create clean energy jobs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To learn more about the various bills, follow the links below:

LD 1679 An Act To Promote Clean Energy Jobs and To Establish the Maine Climate Council

LD 1494 An Act To Reform Maine's Renewable Portfolio Standard

L.D. 1711 An Act To Promote Solar Energy Projects and Distributed Generation Resources in Maine

Why Solar Provider Group?

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