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About Us

Delivering confidence in solar.



Solar Provider Group is a company focused on the design and development of solar energy projects. With over 10 years of experience and over 200 successfully completed projects around the world, we have an impressive track record.


We work with local communities, landowners, and utilities to ensure seamless access to clean energy. We specialize in the development, financing, design, construction, as well as operation, and maintenance of commercial-scale solar farms.


Our Chairman Christian Wentzel and Managing Director Sebastian Seyfarth are two founders from Germany who started the Solar Provider Group in Canada in 2009.

What started small on residential and farm roofs quickly expanded and after only three years we expanded to California in 2012. 

Since 2016, we have been focusing on agricultural solar projects. We started doing this in the U.S., but now we also have offices in Mexico, the Netherlands, and since 2020, Germany, the home of our two founders. 

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Our Core Values

Solar benefits us all

As project owners, we make it our business to create a win-win-win situation in which communities, land owners, and nature & landscape can benefit from solar plant planning. The construction of a solar park is associated with some planning challenges for communities.  We support your municipality not only on the way to climate neutrality but also offer municipal participation. In addition, we bring years of expertise in construction planning procedures for ground-mounted systems. Together, we can make a secure power supply through renewable solar power a reality.




Our Experience

Our company’s 10+ years of experience in solar spans multiple continents, making us a global leader with unrivalled expertise. We’ve completed hundreds of solar projects globally, representing more than 100 MW of installed capacity.


Our Global Presence

We are present in 10+ countries spanning across North America, Europe, and Asia.


Our Collaborative Approach

We excel at solar from start to finish. Providing you with one consistent point of contact, we manage every aspect of your project seamlessly ensuring timely delivery and the highest quality. We also ensure that our contracts feel more like partnerships than leases. 


Our Technology & Expertise

We use the best technology available, and ensure that lands are left in pristine condition after the lease agreement has ended.


We are in this together.


We communicate proactively and effectively with each other.


We are doing the right things the right way.


We always follow through.


We own mistakes, we own success.


We love doing what we do.

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