Earn long-term income from your land


Solar Provider Group works directly with you to host solar facilities on your land. Together, we can generate more clean, reliable energy for our electric grids and contribute to a better future.


At Solar Provider Group, we value all our projects and our partners. We focus on building close relationships backed by trust, communication, and transparency. We keep all of our partners informed, every step of the way.

What's in it for you?

Predictable income

Earn a consistent long-term income yearly for your land.

No overhead costs

There are no additional costs required from the landowner.

Zero Maintenance

No responsibility for any operation costs or maintenance.

Reduced Tax Liability

We pay the taxes on the land we lease.


Minimal Impact
We take measures to protect wildlife and sometimes we even take action to enhance it. We ensure no harmful byproducts are used.
Simple Construction
The construction period can be as quick as a few months. Screening can be implemented to hide the system from views.
Full Decommissioning
At the end of the term the system will be completely decommissioned and all parts of the solar facility removed. Your land will be returned back to its original state.
Local Energy
Deliver clean, reliable, locally generated electricity to help your community become energy independent.

Our Approach

The goal of our projects is to ensure that everyone involved benefits from them. The family of the Solar Provider Group founder has itself been involved in agriculture for generations. Support in the local area and the correct landscaping integration of the solar park are therefore top priorities for us. With the help of native vegetation, we not only provide suitable visual screening for all our solar installations, but also contribute to the protection of biodiversity and the landscape in your region.


The land must be at least 7 acres of cleared land


The land needs to be in close proximity to substations or a three-phase power line


The land needs to be free from wetlands and outside of floodplain zones



Will the land remain under my ownership?

Definitely. Our lease agreement should be viewed in the same way as leasing your land for agricultural crops or pasture land. As well as providing a steady and reliable income to the landowner, hosting a solar project enables the harvest of clean renewable energy from the sun, benefiting the local community and the environment.

Will this require any work for me?

Absolutely not! This should be viewed as any standard landowner-tenant lease agreement. Upon signing the lease option, all the necessary due diligence, planning process and interconnection checks will be conducted directly between Solar Provider Group and the local planning board / utility provider.

How will the project look when constructed?

When fully constructed, our solar installations panels sit slightly lower than a field of corn prior to harvest. We are careful to ensure that the visual impact of any of our projects is kept to a minimum. Not only do our panels incorporate state-of-the-art anti-glare technology, we will take steps to introduce natural screening for our projects using newly planted trees or shrubs where appropriate.

How can I and my local community benefit from a solar project?

Solar delivers a number of benefits, including lease income for the host landowner, the creation of local jobs during the construction and ongoing maintenance of a project. In addition, solar is a clean, renewable source of electricity that can help reduce our dependence on polluting fossil fuels, protecting our health and the environment.

Will my lease payments rise with inflation?

Yes, all of our lease agreements include an annual escalator marked at the Consumer Price Index (CPI) to ensure that your payments are adjusted annually to reflect inflation.

Would hosting a solar project alter my land zoning?

Upon the commencement of construction, the leased portion of your land parcel will be converted from agricultural to commercial zoning. We understand that this could have an impact on your taxes and therefore Solar Provider Group, on top of your lease payments, will cover any consequential increase to your tax bill related to the solar installation in full.

How will the project / land be maintained during the contract?

We recruit a local team of specialists to take care of the operations and maintenance (O&M) of the project. They will visit periodically and ensure the land and panels remain in good working order as well as taking care of the weeds / plants on the plot. Our top tier panels require very little active maintenance and so visits by our specialists will be relatively infrequent.

What happens at the end of the contract?

At the end of the lease term you can have the panels removed or you can choose to extend the lease term by five years if you wish to collect more lease revenue (our top tier panels can last well past 30 years). Solar Provider Group allocates funds to ensure each project can be correctly decommissioned and the land can be reverted to its original state.

How much property does a solar facility require?

We are looking for a minimum of 20 acres. This amount of land can hold approximately 2 MW of solar. Enough to power 300 homes per year. The amount of land we can use is determined by the site characteristics (topography, hydrology, planning, geology etc.). Please contact us to determine if you have enough space to become a host!

How do you determine where the facility will be located on my property?

Solar Provider Group will take into account all the engineering, planning and interconnection factors required to place the system in the best location. However, we work very closely with you to make sure the location will work for you and your family.

What about the taxes?

Solar Provider Group covers any increase in your taxes resulting from the installation of the solar facility.

Am I liable for any accidents or injuries?

No. You will not be liable if anything happens on your property from the operation of the solar facility.


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