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Earn a secure and long-term income from your land.

What does a partnership with us mean?

Solar Provider Group works closely with you on a collaborative level to host a solar facility on your land. Together we can generate more reliable, renewable energy, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future. We take responsibility for the solar farm from start to finish. 

We value all our projects and our partners. We focus on building close relationships backed by trust, communication, and transparency. We keep our partners informed, every step of the way.


What's in it for you?

Predictable Income

Land leasing provides you with long-term predictable income that consistently increases in value based on an agreed escalation rate. An escalation rate causes the lease rate to increase over the years to account for inflation.


You do not incur any risk in the project planning, approval process, or financing. We take care of seeing your project through to completion.

No Overhead Costs

There are no additional costs required from the landowner. We lead the project through planning, various stages of development and maintenance, allowing a streamlined and hassle free environment for landowners. 


Energy demand is constantly growing. In an increasingly electrified society, it is essential to produce the required electricity sustainably.  

Zero Maintenance





Our Patent-pending Agrivoltaic method allows for farming and agricultural use of the land between Solar Panels

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